Friday, 24 December 2010

Paradigms at Christmas

Firstly, we'd like to wish all of you a fantastic holiday of feasting and merriment. The beers will be coming out here shortly and a rather large goose is currently being prepared for the oven.

And in true Paradigms tradition, we're releasing two exclusive special editions today to celebrate the coming of Yuletide. So when you get a moment between sherries and revelry, have a little look at where we have just uploaded audio tracks from both releases and more information.

The editions in question are the VENA 'Nomadic' CDEP and the BOOK OF SAND 'Destruction, Not Reformation' CD album. Absolute exquisite soundtracks for the festive season by way of Oslo, Norway and Minneapolis, USA. We've been raving about both over the past few weeks and seriously recommend you check them out as both really do encapsulate where Paradigms is at right now and how excited we are with great new music that continues to amaze us.

It's been such a great year in music and we truly believe that Paradigms is developing creatively into something more than we could possible have imagined, so thanks to everyone for all your interest and support over the past year and let's drink to wild and wonderful musical explorations into the new year.

All the best to everyone and see you on the other side.

Paradigms Recordings
Christmas Eve 2010

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Paradigms Recordings : Albums Of The Year 2010

Here are our top 20 favourite albums of 2010 that have been exciting, driving and inspiring us throughout the year. No explanations needed, just absolutely stunning music that fuels our souls.

PARADIGMS RECORDINGS - Albums Of The Year 2010

1. CELESTE – Morte (s) Nee (s)

2. PANTHA DU PRINCE – Black Noise

3. KVELERTAK – Kvelertak

4. SILJE NES – Opticks

5. SHINING – Black Jazz

6. DEATHSPELL OMEGA – Paracletus

7. JONSI – Go

8. ZOLA JESUS – Stridulum II


10. SERENA MANEESH – S-M 2 : Abyss In B Minor

11. JAGA JAZZIST – One Armed Bandit

12. CRYSTAL CASTLES – Crystal Castles II

13. JOHAN JOHANNSSON – …There Came The Sound Of Bees

14. YEAR OF NO LIGHT – Ausserwelt

15. MANTRIC – The Descent

16. THE KNIFE – Tomorrow, In A Year

17. WITHERED – Dualitas

18. AGNES OBEL - Philharmonics

19. IHSAHN – After

20. ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS - Swanlights

BOOK OF SAND 'Destruction, Not Reformation'

Also due for release alongside VENA on Christmas Eve is the staggering new album from BOOK OF SAND. 'Destruction, Not Reformation' is a visionary work of outside Black Metal. Gamelan influenced, atmospheric, hazy cello driven modern classical chamber Black Metal if you will. Epic. Check the Paradigms Recordings website over the coming weeks for audio samples and exclusive ordering.

The stunning artwork design for 'Destruction, Not Reformation' features a commissioned painting by John Martin Bell and is debuted below.

VENA 'Nomadic' cd artwork unveiled today

VENA 'Nomadic' cd cover unveiled - we're pleased to preview the artwork for the upcoming cdep from Oslo's VENA today.

Released on 24th December and designed in-house by Holy Mountain Media. One of our finest Paradigms releases to date too - beautiful shoegazey, textured indie heaviness with gorgeous girl vocals for appreciators of Cult Of Luna, Wovenhand and early Ride perhaps. Really excited about this, so watch out for more information and audio samples debuting exclusively on the Paradigms website over the next few weeks.