Thursday, 26 May 2011


To accompany the recent Paradigms release of the rather spectacular "Conjoined" cd by HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY, here's the video for the track "Under God's Heaven". Written, produced and directed by Freddie Lloyd. Enjoy.

"Conjoined" is available now exclusively from the Paradigms online store here. Limited to 500 copies only, presented in two wrap-around sleeves of printed velum and black stock with Paradigms custom wallet.

KINDEST LINES - Destructive Paths To Live Happily

Paradigms HQ has been enraptured by the dark pop of New Orleans trio KINDEST LINES of late too. Very much looking forward to the debut album 'Covered In Dust' which is out next month. Scratchy post-punk, minimal synths and a fog of 'Disintegration' era Cure atmospherics perhaps with a distinct indie sensibility and ethereal vocals of Brittany Terry. Very cool, we like this...

RUIN + Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop "1/2 Skull"

So, it's been an age since we wrote on the blog, unfortunately life seems to get in the way sometimes -- busy times at Paradigms HQ too, what with the recent release of the colossal HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY "Conjoined" cd, which we'd encourage you all to check out as it is rather special. We've also just released a new label t-shirt design which is going by the name of 'Sonic Witchcraft', a fine addition to the wardrobe of all discerning aural occultists this season. Have a little look at this fine item of clothing at the Paradigms online store here.

We've also been spoilt for new music too, Paradigms and otherwise. The ever reliable Thrill Jockey label continue to amaze, most recently with the beautifully pastoral new album from Alexander Tucker. "Dorwytch" sees Alex expand on his folk themes into something more broad and well crafted. Highly recommended.

But the one piece of music that we've been losing ourselves in most deeply is "1/2 Skull" by Germany's RUIN.


"1/2 Skull" is the latest work from Berlin performance artist Martin Eder and his shadowy collective of co-conspirators -- the soundtrack to an elaborate stage performance hosted in his home city on 14th April 2011. A harrowing score of haunted modern composition, haunted chamber music and deathly ambient atmospheres. Masterfully performed, this reminds us of the bleak vision behind Univers Zero's classic "Heresie" in part with a nod to some of John Zorn's chamber works, whilst ultimately ploughing it's own unique dark furrow. Intricately packaged in a heavyweight boxset with numerous insert cards printed from blood infused inks. From beginning to end the presentation is flawless, moving and rich.

Well worthy of your time. A introspective masterpiece ready for your investigation. Have a look at the stunning video trailer below. Enjoy.