Sunday, 16 October 2011

YR ILIAD - special videos and artwork preview

YR ILIAD 'Welcome To Concrete'
FILE UNDER : Psyche / Drone / Folk

It's with great pleasure that we introduce you to YR ILIAD who will release their Paradigms debut 'Welcome To Concrete' in late October...

YR ILIAD is the magical collaboration of Geoff Morris, Christopher Giamo and Lee Camfield - three psyched-out stargazers from San Francisco, California. Their sun-drenced, blissed out instrumental drone-folk radiates throughout their Paradigms debut, "Welcome To Concrete". A glorious, organic and evocative opus, delicately conceived in a bunker that the band call home.

"Welcome To Concrete" is presented as a special, limited edition, silkscreened digi-pak. Available exclusively direct from Paradigms Recordings at from October 24th.

The artwork for the release is previewed below, along with two wonderful little videos for the tracks 'Alluvial Pour' and 'Bunker Days'. Enjoy!

Monday, 10 October 2011

RASHOMON - artwork + release details unveiled

With eager anticipation, we here at Paradigms are proud to announce the release of RASHOMON's "Ashcan Copy - Film Music Vol 3" later this month as a special digi-pak limited edition. Featuring bespoke, screenprinted packaging, we're excited to premiere the artwork here on the Paradigms blog today. See below.

For the uninitiated, RASHOMON is Matt Thompson, founder member of London's prolific and intoxicating GUAPO. Thompson formed Guapo in 1993 and played with them until 2004, releasing 6 albums on labels including Cuneiform and Ipecac. From 2005 onwards RASHOMON has been his focus, releasing 3 albums so far. Taking influence equally from soundtrack composers such as Ennio Morricone and Toru Takemitsu, and artists like Magma, Univers Zero and Popol Vuh, RASHOMON is a rich experience of decadent exotica, "Ashcan Copy (Film Music Vol 3)" being no exception; a monumental collection of avant exploitation soundtrack / sound library recordings.

"ASHCAN COPY (Film Music Vol 3)" will be available exclusively from Paradigms Recordings on October 24th at The track "Jigora", taken from the album, is featured on the free Paradigms Autumn sampler available now for download on the Paradigms website.

What the critics are saying :

“A restless Univers Zero/Popol Vuh vibe pervades, at times delicate and sensuous, but often heavy, oppressive and dark as a grave fitted with blackout blinds.” (Rock-A-Rolla Magazine)

“Krautrock like, montage styled collages of sound, banging rock structures, swirling organs, jazzy, minimal music and maximal music. Trip music that works well, even without any filmic reference.” (Vital Weekly)

“Matt's obviously been busy imbibing the spirits of Goblin, Fabio Frizzi and Angelo Badalamenti which loom large over these eight tracks. Those influences seep out from each cut like a carmine miasma, but most brilliantly never give the game away - this could just have easily been imagined and fashioned in the late '70s or today. His execution is scarily close to the original aesthetic, from frantically spiralling organ outings and acid-fuelled tension to authentic psyche-funk breaks, harrowed Moog jams and doomy chamber jazz, all played with an incredible instinctive touch” (Boomkat)

“The styles of music vary quite a lot from Goblin esque prog zombie horror, to kitsch sounding library music, eerie prog, elements of jazz. He's clearly listened to a lot of film soundtracks as the music he's created sounds super authentic. Excellent stuff!!” (Norman Records)

Sunday, 4 September 2011


We've been working recently on two brand new Paradigms t-shirt designs to accompany the releases we have planned throughout the Autumn. We're happy to preview the print designs here today. Artwork and shirt prints below. CLICK ON EACH IMAGE FOR A LARGER PREVIEW. Both shirts will be available to order shortly, exclusively from Paradigms Recordings. Thank you.

Friday, 26 August 2011

TELE.S.THERION - a Paradigms micro edition coming this September

Limited Micro Edition of 100 copies only
, manufactured cdr presented in screenprinted arigato box available exclusively from Paradigms Recordings in September 2011.

File Under : Hermetic / Ritual / Drone / Musique Concrète / Metal / Avantgarde

TELE.S.THERION is the collaborative work of Italian sound artists Pietro Riparbelli / K11 and Sandro Gronchi. Releasing past works on such formidable underground labels as Touch, Aurora Borealis, 20 Buck Spin and Cold Spring, as well as their own Radical Matters imprint whilst also working with larger ensembles including Astral Lueur and Mortuary Drape, this TELE.S.THERION incarnation is set to release this colossal edition via Paradigms.

Almost 80 minutes in length, "Tele.s.therion" collects three monolithic pieces into a seven track album, featuring recordings from "The Chapel" - conceived as an acoustic audio installation for the Rothko Chapel, "Nature Unveiled" - based on the Current 93 album of the same name and "HINTHV.RITVVM" - based on Etruscan occult ritual texts.

TELE.S.THERION is an esoteric sigil based on the name of the temple of Eleusis. The symbolic current of TELE.S.THERION can be expressed in the "Rule of Silence" (Echemythia): the Law of the Cult of the Mystêryon, perceived through the Hermetic Laws of speculative Freemasonry. The double dotted "S" is the hidden sigil of the silenced form of Horus / Hor Pa Khered (Harpocrates) / Sigelion.


Self proclaimed as "Acousmatic Black Metal", TELE.S.THERION is a powerful academic work, with the aim of developing a multi-dimensional sound diffusion system, arranged to promote a polyphonic, channelled state for the immersion into sound as ritual. Instrumental trans-communications via short-wave radio receivers, exploring high range distortion dimensions, medianic chanting, channelling, Ars Echemythia, phono-medianic recording sessions for prepared bass with metal coils through 13 speakers and 13 microphones, Hermetic sigil narrations and electro-acoustic field recordings are all brought together here as part of the TELE.S.THERION ceremony.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Paradigms vs Screenprinting

With the release of Paradigms #50 from Boston's OWLFOOD, we have set a new precedent in print design and visual presentation for the label into the future.

Having sourced a variety of heavyweight recycled boards to compliment a bold range of inks and metallic varnishes, we've begun to develop our own screen-printing studio, the first results of which being the OWLFOOD digi-pak; a two colour halftone design in silver and white. Each package is then hand folded, glued and packaged in a sealed presentation sleeve.

A delicate process of trial and error that has really captured the true creative essence of a Paradigms release, unlocking all kinds of new aesthetic possibilities and a most rewarding baptism of fire...

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Dear internet folks,

This month Paradigms Recordings will issue it's 50th release and with this approaching landmark, it's been a time of excitement, reflection and forward thinking in equal measure.

Paradigms #50 is a rather wonderful collection of recordings from a spectral trio from Boston going by the name of OWLFOOD; and their hazy, psyched outsider folk and delicate lo-fi songcraft pretty much sums up everything that the label has come to embody, in our humble opinion.

From our beginnings on New Year's Day 2006 with the release of Amber Asylum's "Garden Of Love", Paradigms has taken the path less traveled. Never content to limit ourselves by genre or style, rather following underlying moods and passions that drive exciting leftfield music; we've (hopefully) brought together an eclectic range of disciplines ranging from modern classical, krautrock, death ambient, indie slo-core, neo-folk, blackened noise, drone metal, avantgarde black metal and much more besides into a coherent series that, for us anyway, is not simply a catalogue of releases, but also very much a soundtrack to the way we live our lives and view the world. And it is that ever present idealism that makes this all so special for us.

Paradigms has often been mistaken for a "metal" label but in our eyes that is only a small fragment of the overall vision. Our love of the classic 4AD label history is no secret and these days we spend more time investigating exciting works on Rune Grammofon, sound library tapes, long lost exotica soundtracks, ritual ambient recordings or the rich lineage of acid folk than we do trawling the crypt for the latest black metal grimness. But we were lucky enough to have been entraptured by the potent purity and sheer otherworldliness of the death metal and black metal underground way back in the late 80's and that period still remains one of the most important of our lives. Oh, the tales we could tell...

But with all things in life, you've got to move forwards and revivalism has never been a part of the Paradigms agenda. We've also been very honoured to work with a vast array of talented artists over the past five years, including the wonderful Jarboe and Kris Force on selected releases as well as introducing pioneering works from Gnaw Their Tongues, The Angelic Process, Titan, Murmuüre and many more besides. In contrast, some of our most urgent and boundary pushing editions have remained under the radar but we hope that one day the works of Heart In Mouth or Book Of Sand for example will be revisited with renewed curiosity and zeal as they remain important cornerstones in our musical universe.

The last few years have obviously also seen distinct changes in the way music (and information in general) has been communicated. In the age of shortening attention spans and blogspot music sharing, we still remain dedicated to presenting our releases in physical form, with diligent attention to presentation, design, aesthetics and ecological packaging. We still believe in an all encompassing musical experience and currently sourcing innovative packaging, beautiful inks and new printing techniques to further heighten the visual parallel to the musical. We still love the joy of buying new records (most often way too many records, but oh what a joy it is!) and assume that as you are reading this, you do too, which is glorious.

In reflection, each of the fifty releases now on Paradigms are all intrinsically linked to what has made it all very Paradigms. It's most difficult to look back and perhaps pick a few personal favourites that stand out over time to us, however some of our boldest achievements of which we are most proud still remain the glorious chamber music of Hallvardur Asgeirsson, the delicately curated "Death Aesthetics" compilation, the sheer lush beauty of Fog In The Shell's "Private South" and our recent voyages into astral jazz / electronica with Höhlenmusik Ensemble.

So, where does all this take us into the future? We already have a vast array of plans for the Autumn and beyond, with a selection of more limited, micro editions on cassette and cdr, alongside the more traditional Paradigms releases. Expect some rather wonderful explorations into drone folk, esoteric exotica and some rather harrowing occultist ritual drone over the coming months and where this will take us next, who can tell...

In conclusion, we're most thankful and grateful to everyone who has supported Paradigms and become a part of what we do. Without the small niche of listeners who understand and appreciate vibrant, eclectic leftfield music our endeavours would be fruitless. And special thanks to my good friend Andrew at Aurora Borealis, Jonathan Selzer, Mat "Kvohst" McNerney and Andee at Aquarius Records who are all constant sources of inspiration.

May we all drink and feast valiantly in the meadhalls together.

Paradigms Recording / August 2011

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

CHELSEA WOLFE - American Gothic

One artist who is currently bewitching our turntable and haunting our evening playlists is LA songwriter, CHELSEA WOLFE, who's 2010 debut "The Grime & The Glow" quite literally chilled our souls with it's dirging resonance of somber doom-folk. Limited to a mere 500 copies and now long sold out, we're very pleased to have this masterpiece in our hands and her follow-up album "Ἀποκάλυψις" which is set for released next month is eagerly anticipated around these parts.

Interestingly, she just completed a west coast tour of the US only yesterday with a full band; in support of Thrill Jockey Records' NYC black metal artists, Liturgy, before she embarks on a selection of the finest Scandinavian festivals next month as a solo performer. And her cover version of Burzum's "Black Spell Of Destruction" is perfection. Delicate, introspective songwriting at it's heart, with a dark, brooding gothic fog throughout. Quite marvelous.

Friday, 22 July 2011

BJORK - Biophilia

The recent internet preview of "Crystalline" from Bjork's sprawling "Biophilia" album has been a long time coming and a cause of much excitement here in the Paradigms bunker. So we immediately delved into the interactive elements as they were launched this week and the whole presentation is one of the most beautifully conceived, organic and rich musical experiences that we have had the pleasure of marveling over...With a digital app for iPhone / iPad as it's central point of focus, this is quite simply spellbinding; unraveling Bjork's upcoming "Biophilia" album as it goes. We eagerly anticipate it's updates and the full release in the Autumn. The Sir David Attenborough introductionary narration is inspired and really sets the tone for the whole project and 'Crystalline' is the perfect first installment to this universal tapestry of sound, spectacularly captured to video by Michel Gondry.

Monday, 18 July 2011

THE SLAVES - New Noise Magazine France

The latest issue of the rather fine NEW NOISE Magazine in France arrived this morning; and all the finer as it features a splendid interview with our very own Portland ethereal duo, THE SLAVES.

THE SLAVES are Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this compelling duo craft a luscious haze of droning, psychedelic and haunting ambient pop soundscapes. Waves of warm, spectral synth, processed guitars and electronics perfectly layered with Barbara's pure, ethereal tones to almost spiritual effect. Pure and beautiful yet somber and melancholic, "Grey Angel" is a monumental release for Paradigms and reminds us personally of those rich 4AD atmospheres, the misty lakeside mornings of Twin Peaks and a contemporary ambience like a totally blissed out Zola Jesus or a celestial Grouper, perhaps.

Check out "Grey Angel" at

Saturday, 2 July 2011

This month's essential reading : LUCIFER BOX and HARRY FLASHMAN

We love books almost as much as we love music here in the Paradigms coven and it was with perverse joy that earlier this year we were introduced to the three decadently witty and wickedly depraved Lucifer Box novels by one Mark Gatiss, who you are probably aware of as a member of The League Of Gentlemen and writer for Doctor Who.

The first book being "The Vesuvius Club", each tome charts the wanton career of said Lucifer Box Esq; portraitist, dandy, wit, rake and his majesty's most dashing secret agent. From the Imperial grandeur of Edwardian London to the underground vice dens of the Mediterranean, Box reduces and seduces his way across graveyards and opium establishments in search of answers to the deaths of leading scientific minds of the day. And all paths lead to the rather risqué "Vesuvius Club".

His legacy continues throughout two further novels, "The Devil In Amber" and "Black Butterfly"; "The Devil In Amber" being our favourite of the three, wherein Box graces the Art Deco sophistication of 1920's Manhattan, the bleak Norfolk coastal convent of St Bede and the snow-capped alpine mountains of Switzerland in pursuit of Olympus Mons, fascist leader of the brutish 'Amber Shirts', hellbent on world domination through occult powers, sacrifice of the illusive 'lamb' and ready to summon Satan himself to fulfill a devilish prophecy. Quite literally all boxes ticked then.

"Black Butterfly" concludes the series, as an elderly Lucifer is sent on his final mission. Now in the 1950's under the new reign of a young Queen Elizabeth II, Box's twilight adventure starts on the seedy streets of London's Soho unraveling the mystery of several suspicious deaths of leading pillars of the Establishment which takes him to the souks of Istanbul and the sun-soaked beaches of Jamaica to finally confront his heinous arch-enemy of yesteryear.

Gatiss' writing is fiendishly clever, inventive and macabre with a way with words that is quite simply unparalleled. Think Oscar Wilde, think Sherlock Holmes, Flashman and H.P. Lovecraft. Gentlemanly deviant reading.

Many reviews of these essential novels have drawn reference to the similarly fiendish Flashman books, so our curiosity got the better of us, and thank god it did. Written by George MacDonald Fraser in 1969, the first in the "Flashman Papers" series, simply entitled "Flashman", begins with the expulsion of Harry Flashman from Rugby School in the 1830's and his gravitation to service in the British army on the frontiers of the Empire. Based upon the caddish bully of 'Tom Brown's School Days', Flashman lies, cheats and romps his way through the boudoirs of Victorian Britain to the erotic frontiers of Afghanistan and India, with luck on his side and buxom ladies on his mind. Hero, coward and always the true nobleman with no honour, the first installment is un-put-down-able and we can't wait to plough into the further exploits of Master Flashman.

Friday, 1 July 2011

RUIN : live at Volksbühne Berlin.

And to complete a Friday evening of esoteric wonders, may we present a stunning live performance from Berlin ensemble, RUIN. We recently effervesced over their sublime "1/2 Skull" album right here on the Paradigms blog and their recent live evocations have proved equally spellbinding...

Gothic Post-Punk Electronica

One of the most stunning new finds / obsessions here at Paradigms HQ must be TROPIC OF CANCER, a shadowy duo of Camella Lobo and Juan Mendez from Los Angeles. The video to 'A Color' is featured below, taken from their third twelve inch single "The Sorrow Of Two Blooms", released on the London based Blackest Ever Black label; which has made quite a name for itself as it delves into the blackened electronic underground for bold, artistic works.

Here TROPIC OF CANCER are at their finest, fusing the haunting minimalism of Joy Division, the bleakness of 'Pornography'-era Cure whilst really refining the production into contemporary black art with nods to sonic adventurers Broadcast and the like. Darkness has never felt so beautiful or sounded so alluring...

This week's big crush ♥ I BREAK HORSES

The Paradigms bunker has been buzzing excitedly recently to the fuzzed out hazy bliss of Stockholm, Sweden based Maria Lindén, here going by the moniker of I BREAK HORSES. She recently signed to the Bella Union label and is about the release a debut 12" this month entitled 'Hearts'. The video of which is below.

It perfectly captures exactly where we're at right now, you know, the way that only music can sometimes. It also really brings it home to us that it's a very, very special time for new music at the moment. To make it even more special, our favourite graphic designer working in the industry, Vaughan Oliver and his v23 studio, created the visual concept for the upcoming record. Highly recommended and then some. Watch out for the debut album coming in August...

Thursday, 26 May 2011


To accompany the recent Paradigms release of the rather spectacular "Conjoined" cd by HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY, here's the video for the track "Under God's Heaven". Written, produced and directed by Freddie Lloyd. Enjoy.

"Conjoined" is available now exclusively from the Paradigms online store here. Limited to 500 copies only, presented in two wrap-around sleeves of printed velum and black stock with Paradigms custom wallet.

KINDEST LINES - Destructive Paths To Live Happily

Paradigms HQ has been enraptured by the dark pop of New Orleans trio KINDEST LINES of late too. Very much looking forward to the debut album 'Covered In Dust' which is out next month. Scratchy post-punk, minimal synths and a fog of 'Disintegration' era Cure atmospherics perhaps with a distinct indie sensibility and ethereal vocals of Brittany Terry. Very cool, we like this...

RUIN + Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop "1/2 Skull"

So, it's been an age since we wrote on the blog, unfortunately life seems to get in the way sometimes -- busy times at Paradigms HQ too, what with the recent release of the colossal HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY "Conjoined" cd, which we'd encourage you all to check out as it is rather special. We've also just released a new label t-shirt design which is going by the name of 'Sonic Witchcraft', a fine addition to the wardrobe of all discerning aural occultists this season. Have a little look at this fine item of clothing at the Paradigms online store here.

We've also been spoilt for new music too, Paradigms and otherwise. The ever reliable Thrill Jockey label continue to amaze, most recently with the beautifully pastoral new album from Alexander Tucker. "Dorwytch" sees Alex expand on his folk themes into something more broad and well crafted. Highly recommended.

But the one piece of music that we've been losing ourselves in most deeply is "1/2 Skull" by Germany's RUIN.


"1/2 Skull" is the latest work from Berlin performance artist Martin Eder and his shadowy collective of co-conspirators -- the soundtrack to an elaborate stage performance hosted in his home city on 14th April 2011. A harrowing score of haunted modern composition, haunted chamber music and deathly ambient atmospheres. Masterfully performed, this reminds us of the bleak vision behind Univers Zero's classic "Heresie" in part with a nod to some of John Zorn's chamber works, whilst ultimately ploughing it's own unique dark furrow. Intricately packaged in a heavyweight boxset with numerous insert cards printed from blood infused inks. From beginning to end the presentation is flawless, moving and rich.

Well worthy of your time. A introspective masterpiece ready for your investigation. Have a look at the stunning video trailer below. Enjoy.


Sunday, 13 March 2011


Very happy to announce the first Paradigms releases of 2011 this week. It's our pleasure to introduce to you the limited editions from Seattle's GREAT FALLS and Stuttgart's HÖHLENMUSIK ENSEMBLE. Both herald bold steps forwards for Paradigms both musically and aesthetically so we hope you'll be interested in investigating.

Both are immaculately presented, limited to 500 copies each and available exclusively from the Paradigms webstore. We're also issuing a very special GREAT FALLS cd and t-shirt bundle. The shirt features majestic artwork from the pen of Great Fall's Demian Johnston himself and only 30 of these such packages will be available.

Full tracks are now available to stream on the Paradigms audio player and both are available for purchase from the Paradigms webstore here

Thanks and enjoy

Paradigms Recordings
London. England
March 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Something dark and foreboding is stirring in Chicago. It's name is BLOODIEST. A seven piece ensemble fronted by Bruce Lamont, vocalist, saxophonist and member of Yakuza and Circle Of Animals to name but a few of his glorious musical outlets. The debut album 'Descent' is coming early next month on Relapse Records and looks set to be another favourite here at Paradigms. 2011 is already spoiling us.

Vast, symphonic in it's epic scale and featuring members of past Chicago favourites of ours including the 90 Day Men and Atombombpocketknife, we can see influence in it's sound pointing to the heavy, vibrant underground rock scene that fueled Chicago throughout the 90's alongside the brooding menace of Swans or Neurosis, perhaps. Lamont's vocal delivery borders on the shamanic here too, further adding depth to this black trip. Marvellous. Another mighty new recording well worth investigating next month. In the meantime, there's a powerful video preview and a special preview stream of the track 'Fallen' below. Enjoy.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

†† This week's HOLY TRINITY ††

Three new albums have been commanding our attention over the past few weeks courtesy of the always remarkable Thrill Jockey and Kranky record labels. Our latest sonic revelations and accompanying thoughts, if we may be so bold...

TIM HECKER 'Ravedeath 1972' (Kranky 28.2.11)

Canadian electronic artist Tim Hecker has without a doubt captured some of his finest work here on his new 'Ravedeath 1972' album. Dense, warm and sometimes claustrophobic waves of tectonic, pulsating bliss drive the recording but what really makes this a triumph is the attention to detail in his composition.

'Ravedeath 1972' is based around a series of pipe organ recordings captured on location at the Frikirkjan Church in Reykjavik, which were subsequently taken back to the studio and became part of this glorious soundwork. Richly layered, Hecker knows exactly when to build the vast, almost religious atmospheres skyward but he is also master of restraint, dialing it all right back down or adding just the right sound to capture a perfect, yet always epic balance throughout. Quite wonderful and one will be hard pushed to find a more captivating, emotive and engaging electronic record this year.

THE SKULL DEFEKTS 'Peer Amid' (Thrill Jockey 14.2.11)

Swedish based no-wave post punk five-piece THE SKULL DEFEKTS have really nailed it on 'Peer Amid'. With the addition of Lungfish vocalist, artist, writer, mad-monk, cosmic yogi and all round modern day renaissance man, Daniel Higgs, to their ranks, we were naturally excited and intrigued. And we were not disappointed.

It rocks hard. It's a blown out psyche-out. Kosmische repetition is key here -- driven by a drum beat that is almost tribal and a bass that rattles to your bones. 'Gospel Of The Skull' hints at classic Lungfish for a moment too, both lyrically and sonically before drifting into the hypnotic haze of 'The Silver River'. Higgs' vocal delivery is perfect; ranging from almost spoken word mantras, to wayward chanting; working effortlessly amidst the Skull Defekts noise. It all comes alive on 'Fragrant Nimbus', with the tightest percussion breaks this side of Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley before it takes off into the cosmos. The result will be ringing in your ears long after the record has ended.

ARBOURETUM 'The Gathering' (Thrill Jockey 14.2.11)

'The Gathering', the fourth album from Baltimore's ARBOURETUM is one beautiful record. Steeped in a rich folk / Americana tradition yet laden with a resonance of warm, reverberating late 60's / 70's heavy rock, the striking force here is the delicate songcraft.

'The Gathering' breathes an air of honesty throughout. Somehow relaxed and organic yet somber and introspective. We'll hold our hands up and say we don't have any knowledge of the lyrical source material (that being Carl Jung's 'The Red Book') but appreciate it's sentiment and depth nonetheless and vocalist Dave Heumann's delivery here is powerful and provoking. From it's pastoral roots, 'The Gathering' is never afraid to bring the heaviness; inducing a psyched haze from overblown bass speakers and doomed country low-end. The tone is pure vintage, but never forced and it's stark, alluring simplicity reaps rewards; but there's also a cloud of sadness that hangs heavily over the proceedings, never more so than on the haunting rendition of Jimmy Webb's 'The Highwayman'. Arbouretum have created something really special here and 'The Gathering' will be playing on our minds for some time...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

HEXVESSEL - Invocation Summoning

To accompany the wonderful 'Dawnbearer' album that was released earlier this month, HEXVESSEL unveil the video to 'Invocation Summoning' today. Enjoy.

We should be getting copies of 'Dawnbearer' shortly too, so watch out for this occult folk artifact in the Paradigms online webstore in the very near future.


Now, this disc is blowing our minds right now. A sound collage / horror soundtrack of sorts - mixed by the macabre sonic alchemists DEMDIKE STARE and ANWORTH KIRK during the witching hour of 31st October 2010. May we introduce you to "SAMHAIN SLANT AZIMUTH".

We've been rather taken by DEMDIKE STARE's output of late. From the debut 'Symbiosis' cd to the recent 12" vinyl trilogy - their witching atmospherics and dub-noir horror electronica is truly otherworldly. So this collaboration with Anworth Kirk immediately caught our attention and has been haunting our dreams ever since. A rich 69 minute sound work of true OCCULT EXOTICA and esoteric wonder -- researched from long lost archive sound libraries of the 60's, obscure Italian horror scores and Eastern psyche through to Germanic Kunstmärchen and blackened outsider art / field recordings.

To put it bluntly, "SAMHAIN SLANT AZIMUTH" is quite incredible. Lose yourself in it's hypnotic black ritual of alluring magick sound.

Super limited too and not widely distributed, we've managed to grab a few of these arcane items to sell at the Paradigms store, so check it out here . It's our featured distributed item this month, and deservedly so. Splendid indeed.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Upcoming new releases on Paradigms in March!

We can already sense that 2011 is going to be a wonderfully vibrant year for exciting new music and the upcoming Paradigms release schedule is surely testament to that, in our humble opinion at least. We've spent the last few weeks immersed in some truly extraordinary new albums that we'll write about here over the coming week but it's with great anticipation that we announce the first two Paradigms editions of the year, further expanding our unified vision of challenging, uncompromising and beautifully eclectic work.

So watch out for both of these in early March, but in the meantime, here is a bit of a low-down:


The debut album from Stuttgart's HÖHLENMUSIK ENSEMBLE is an absolute triumph of experimental electronica, avant jazz and modern composition. A major step forwards into the ether for Paradigms, this ensemble effortlessly crafts a luscious debut album incorporating some of the finest players in the scene and a cosmic jazz milestone to blow minds. Fusing rich strings, vibes, double bass, woodwind and precision percussion alongside delicate electronics into a vast musical vision. Truly spectacular and highly recommended for appreciators of Jaga Jazzist, Isotope 217, Alice Coltrane, Supersilent, Tortoise and David Axelrod, perhaps. Totally beyond.


In stark contrast, we're very privileged to introduce Seattle's GREAT FALLS to the Paradigms family. Their self titled debut is one truly mammoth mechanised beast of angular, pulverizing noiserock from distinguished stock indeed. Featuring ex-members of Kiss It Goodbye and Playing Enemy with a very special vocal appearance from Ryan McKenney of TRAP THEM, such predigree speaks for itself. Mathematical heaviness prevails throughout it's industrial beauty with moments of atmospheric light between the claustrophobic bleakness. Intelligent, calculated walls of black sound with nods to The Jesus Lizard, Godflesh, The Austerity Program, Shellac and other such noise pioneers. Colossal.

Watch out for both of these releases at the Paradigms Recordings webstore in early March, along with audio samples and other good stuff. Each album will be immaculately presented and limited to 500 copies. Now we are excited, so join us...

Saturday, 22 January 2011

HEXVESSEL - Dawnbearer

Mat Kvohst McNerney has always been a good friend and an individual who's artistic endeavours and vision has always continued to amaze us. So it was with keen interest that we have followed the inception of his latest HEXVESSEL incarnation. You may be familiar with this project after it's introduction on the Paradigms 'Death Aesthetics' compilation a year or so ago and now he's about to launch the debut album 'Dawnbearer' early in February on Svart Records from Finland, which we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to investigate.

The first thing that strikes us about this colossal fifteen track recording is it's purity. A self proclaimed 'holy body or host carrier of spectres, magic spells and rituals'. This debut release is a spiritual rite of passage through haunting, psychedelic folk music, with nods to Changes, Woven Hand, Espers, Midlake & Comus. I'm listening to it now as I type, whilst enjoying a morning coffee and a cigarette and it is truly intoxicating.

Mat, as always, has assembled a rich cast of collaborating characters to compliment his vocals and guitar foundation, including Andrew Aort McIvor (of Code) on guitar, Carl-Michael Eide (Virus / Ved Buens Ende) contributing guest vocals and members of our own Krugers Medbragte adding mandolin, banjo, upright bass and other such wonders. Mat's wife Marja also sings on tracks throughout the proceedings.

It's strikingly textured and the lyrical depth is mesmerizing as always. It is structured to perfection and the aesthetics behind the whole concept tie 'Dawnbearer' together effortlessly into one of the most honest, beautiful and esoteric occult folk albums we have had pleasure to experience.

Truly magical.

Start your HEXVESSEL journey here. Pre-order the album at Svart Records while you're at it. It could quite possibly be the soundtrack to your spiritual ascension.