Friday, 22 July 2011

BJORK - Biophilia

The recent internet preview of "Crystalline" from Bjork's sprawling "Biophilia" album has been a long time coming and a cause of much excitement here in the Paradigms bunker. So we immediately delved into the interactive elements as they were launched this week and the whole presentation is one of the most beautifully conceived, organic and rich musical experiences that we have had the pleasure of marveling over...With a digital app for iPhone / iPad as it's central point of focus, this is quite simply spellbinding; unraveling Bjork's upcoming "Biophilia" album as it goes. We eagerly anticipate it's updates and the full release in the Autumn. The Sir David Attenborough introductionary narration is inspired and really sets the tone for the whole project and 'Crystalline' is the perfect first installment to this universal tapestry of sound, spectacularly captured to video by Michel Gondry.

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