Saturday, 22 January 2011

HEXVESSEL - Dawnbearer

Mat Kvohst McNerney has always been a good friend and an individual who's artistic endeavours and vision has always continued to amaze us. So it was with keen interest that we have followed the inception of his latest HEXVESSEL incarnation. You may be familiar with this project after it's introduction on the Paradigms 'Death Aesthetics' compilation a year or so ago and now he's about to launch the debut album 'Dawnbearer' early in February on Svart Records from Finland, which we wholeheartedly encourage everyone to investigate.

The first thing that strikes us about this colossal fifteen track recording is it's purity. A self proclaimed 'holy body or host carrier of spectres, magic spells and rituals'. This debut release is a spiritual rite of passage through haunting, psychedelic folk music, with nods to Changes, Woven Hand, Espers, Midlake & Comus. I'm listening to it now as I type, whilst enjoying a morning coffee and a cigarette and it is truly intoxicating.

Mat, as always, has assembled a rich cast of collaborating characters to compliment his vocals and guitar foundation, including Andrew Aort McIvor (of Code) on guitar, Carl-Michael Eide (Virus / Ved Buens Ende) contributing guest vocals and members of our own Krugers Medbragte adding mandolin, banjo, upright bass and other such wonders. Mat's wife Marja also sings on tracks throughout the proceedings.

It's strikingly textured and the lyrical depth is mesmerizing as always. It is structured to perfection and the aesthetics behind the whole concept tie 'Dawnbearer' together effortlessly into one of the most honest, beautiful and esoteric occult folk albums we have had pleasure to experience.

Truly magical.

Start your HEXVESSEL journey here. Pre-order the album at Svart Records while you're at it. It could quite possibly be the soundtrack to your spiritual ascension.