Friday, 1 July 2011

This week's big crush ♥ I BREAK HORSES

The Paradigms bunker has been buzzing excitedly recently to the fuzzed out hazy bliss of Stockholm, Sweden based Maria Lindén, here going by the moniker of I BREAK HORSES. She recently signed to the Bella Union label and is about the release a debut 12" this month entitled 'Hearts'. The video of which is below.

It perfectly captures exactly where we're at right now, you know, the way that only music can sometimes. It also really brings it home to us that it's a very, very special time for new music at the moment. To make it even more special, our favourite graphic designer working in the industry, Vaughan Oliver and his v23 studio, created the visual concept for the upcoming record. Highly recommended and then some. Watch out for the debut album coming in August...

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