Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Now, this disc is blowing our minds right now. A sound collage / horror soundtrack of sorts - mixed by the macabre sonic alchemists DEMDIKE STARE and ANWORTH KIRK during the witching hour of 31st October 2010. May we introduce you to "SAMHAIN SLANT AZIMUTH".

We've been rather taken by DEMDIKE STARE's output of late. From the debut 'Symbiosis' cd to the recent 12" vinyl trilogy - their witching atmospherics and dub-noir horror electronica is truly otherworldly. So this collaboration with Anworth Kirk immediately caught our attention and has been haunting our dreams ever since. A rich 69 minute sound work of true OCCULT EXOTICA and esoteric wonder -- researched from long lost archive sound libraries of the 60's, obscure Italian horror scores and Eastern psyche through to Germanic Kunstmärchen and blackened outsider art / field recordings.

To put it bluntly, "SAMHAIN SLANT AZIMUTH" is quite incredible. Lose yourself in it's hypnotic black ritual of alluring magick sound.

Super limited too and not widely distributed, we've managed to grab a few of these arcane items to sell at the Paradigms store, so check it out here . It's our featured distributed item this month, and deservedly so. Splendid indeed.

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