Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Something dark and foreboding is stirring in Chicago. It's name is BLOODIEST. A seven piece ensemble fronted by Bruce Lamont, vocalist, saxophonist and member of Yakuza and Circle Of Animals to name but a few of his glorious musical outlets. The debut album 'Descent' is coming early next month on Relapse Records and looks set to be another favourite here at Paradigms. 2011 is already spoiling us.

Vast, symphonic in it's epic scale and featuring members of past Chicago favourites of ours including the 90 Day Men and Atombombpocketknife, we can see influence in it's sound pointing to the heavy, vibrant underground rock scene that fueled Chicago throughout the 90's alongside the brooding menace of Swans or Neurosis, perhaps. Lamont's vocal delivery borders on the shamanic here too, further adding depth to this black trip. Marvellous. Another mighty new recording well worth investigating next month. In the meantime, there's a powerful video preview and a special preview stream of the track 'Fallen' below. Enjoy.

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