Friday, 26 August 2011

TELE.S.THERION - a Paradigms micro edition coming this September

Limited Micro Edition of 100 copies only
, manufactured cdr presented in screenprinted arigato box available exclusively from Paradigms Recordings in September 2011.

File Under : Hermetic / Ritual / Drone / Musique Concrète / Metal / Avantgarde

TELE.S.THERION is the collaborative work of Italian sound artists Pietro Riparbelli / K11 and Sandro Gronchi. Releasing past works on such formidable underground labels as Touch, Aurora Borealis, 20 Buck Spin and Cold Spring, as well as their own Radical Matters imprint whilst also working with larger ensembles including Astral Lueur and Mortuary Drape, this TELE.S.THERION incarnation is set to release this colossal edition via Paradigms.

Almost 80 minutes in length, "Tele.s.therion" collects three monolithic pieces into a seven track album, featuring recordings from "The Chapel" - conceived as an acoustic audio installation for the Rothko Chapel, "Nature Unveiled" - based on the Current 93 album of the same name and "HINTHV.RITVVM" - based on Etruscan occult ritual texts.

TELE.S.THERION is an esoteric sigil based on the name of the temple of Eleusis. The symbolic current of TELE.S.THERION can be expressed in the "Rule of Silence" (Echemythia): the Law of the Cult of the Mystêryon, perceived through the Hermetic Laws of speculative Freemasonry. The double dotted "S" is the hidden sigil of the silenced form of Horus / Hor Pa Khered (Harpocrates) / Sigelion.


Self proclaimed as "Acousmatic Black Metal", TELE.S.THERION is a powerful academic work, with the aim of developing a multi-dimensional sound diffusion system, arranged to promote a polyphonic, channelled state for the immersion into sound as ritual. Instrumental trans-communications via short-wave radio receivers, exploring high range distortion dimensions, medianic chanting, channelling, Ars Echemythia, phono-medianic recording sessions for prepared bass with metal coils through 13 speakers and 13 microphones, Hermetic sigil narrations and electro-acoustic field recordings are all brought together here as part of the TELE.S.THERION ceremony.

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