Friday, 22 October 2010

Oh yes, it's the VENA - 'Nomadic' cd masters on the doormat!

So there it was on the doormat this morning. A package from Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna with the audio masters for the upcoming VENA cdep which will be released on Paradigms over the next few months.

It's always quite a scary yet exciting moment when you get the masters through for a record you're about to release, especially when you haven't heard any of the studio recordings before that.

Fortunately I have a very big smile on my face right now and it's at these times when I realize why I love doing Paradigms the most.

Anyway, VENA are from Oslo and 'Nomadic' is their debut cdep. 4 tracks over 25 minutes. And what a majestic twenty five minutes it is. Super hazy, lush heavy indie shoegazey stuff with the most amazing girl vocals. It drifts, the bass lines twist and weave and it's heavy like a crashing wave. Totally beautiful and if you're into Wovenhand, Cult Of Luna, Ride and such, then this might well be your new favourite band.

Can't wait to get this out there before the end of the year. More news to follow shortly!

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