Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Unearthly Delights #1 - CELESTE 'Morte(s) Nee(s)'

CELESTE - Morte(s) Nee(s)
Denovali Recordings 2010

CELESTE from Lyon, France deliver here what is hands down our favourite record of 2010. Without question. Just as their previous album 'Misanthrope(s)' was in 2009 and 'Nihiliste(s)' back in 2008. Pure jet black art has never sounded so urgent, forward thinking or oppressive. The sheer intensity of this power unit is unparalleled and we've never heard a band before who can maintain such an energy on one level for forty minutes without reprieve - in the hands of lesser mortals this music would verge on monotony but Celeste perform their sonic alchemy to epic perfection.

Driving walls of colossal, hypnotic heaviness break in wave after wave against the venom of the rasping vocals to transcendental heights. Truly awe-inspiring. The 'black metal' tag has been used as a key reference in various reviews for this new album especially, however I personally can't see it -- to these ears their razor sharp, calculated sound bears more reference to the potent mid nineties European sounds of Bremen's Per Koro label, especially to the pioneering work of ACME and Systral, yet somehow making a unique noise completely on a new level. This ranks right up there with Sweden's Breach and their flawless creative output.

And what makes CELESTE such an all encompassing proposition is the distinct, refined and bold design concept that adorns the cd and vinyl packaging of each release, 'Morte(s) Nee(s)' being no exception, with it's stark, beautiful and almost religious imagery and clean typography as cold and alluring as classic Factory Records or 4AD layouts.

It is so reassuring to be enraptured by such nihilism, I can promise you. And if one band wrote music especially for me, this is the band. No one else should listen to them, they are just simply too good...

But back in reality we would sincerely urge you to go to Denovali Records where you can download 'Morte(s) Nee(s)' for free, along with the previous two albums as well. Then we would urge you to buy all the stunningly presented cds and vinyls. Pick up a couple of shirts and a Celeste bag whilst you're at it too. Embrace the CELESTE. Just a bit gutted that we will not be there to see them lay waste to the Denovali Swing Fest in Essen later this week.

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