Monday, 11 October 2010

Unearthly Delights #2 - Haunted Victorian Music Halls

SILBERNACHT - Liebe Und Verfall
The Ajna Offensive 2008

The best thing about a record collection is every once in a while rediscovering a really powerful work that you've somehow neglected for some time. We seem to unearth SILBERNACHT every couple of months from the archives and marvel in awe at it's spectral haze.

Released by The Ajna Offensive in 2008, this is the work of one Frank Esser from Germany. But this cinematic wonder is not made by a contemporary mind -- the ethereal organs drift like a somber fog over an errily deserted old seaside pier. There is something rather uneasy about it's ambience, which could resonate across an empty, haunted Victorian music hall or accompany a decadent 1920s German expressionist film, to which it would be the perfect soundtrack.

Absolutely essential for occult headphone listening or candle lit evenings with absinthe and Ouija boards.

Investigate SILBERNACHT here

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