Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Deathspell Omega is Black Metal. Black Metal is Deathspell Omega.

Granted, we're preaching (most likely) to the converted here but after submersing ourselves in the new Deathspell Omega 'Paracletus' album this week, we thought that you can never praise true greatness too highly.

So, it is also a given that Deathspell Omega's body of work over the last ten years has been absolutely faultless -- a rare thing to be able to claim of any band or artist and we've been possessed by their blackened metaphysical genius since procuring a copy of 'Inquisitors Of Satan' from Northern Heritage back in 2002.

France too has become the undisputed breeding ground for relevant, forward-thinking and genuinely experimental extreme metal over the past few years (Blut Aus Nord, Stagnant Waters, Decrepit Spectre, Celeste, Murmuüre, BORGIA, even Gojira and obviously Deathspell Omega to name just a few), and on the strength of 'Paracletus', France is delivering what Norway's Moonfog scene never quite managed to realise over a decade ago; true, theological high art in extreme metal.

'Paracletus' makes pretty much ninety nine percent of all contemporary black metal completely redundant. With the still ever mysterious Deathspell Omega in the world, there is little need for much else - ever technical and played with absolute precision, it relentlessly drives like Thorns, drifts in psychedelic twists like Virus but is still pure Deathspell Omega. Beautifully balanced, organic and textured throughout, 'Paracletus' is a modern masterpiece of biblical proportions.

Er, yes, you may gather we like this quite alot....

Deathspell Omega / Norma Evangelium Diaboli

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