Sunday, 14 November 2010

NEW RELEASE : SEPVLCRVM - 'Hermeticvm' out on Paradigms this week

Paradigms Recordings is pleased to announce the release of a very special project today - the debut from Italy's SEPVLCRVM entitled 'HERMETICVM'. The haunting soundtrack to your final spiritual ascension. Due to the esoteric nature of it's hidden knowledge, this arcane item is strictly limited to 100 copies only, presented on pro-manufactured cdr with screenprinted disc, beautifully packaged cover art and inner sleeve, printed on textured and recycled papers and board.

'HERMETICVM' is a journey of mystical-spiritual ascent - drawn from primordial understanding and interpretation of ancient sacred texts. A sacral process of pure, uncontaminated improvisation intent on releasing inner spiritual energy from physical form to set one free on the path to the inner circle of true universal wisdom.

"Hermeticvm" is now available through the Paradigms store so check it out here. And you can sample a track from the album on the Paradigms audio player.

A triumphant work over 3 acts in 60 minutes - hypnotic, occult guitar drone, chiming prayer bells, trumpets, xylophones, organs, choral chanting and a whispered monologue evoke vast cathedrals of sound on a truly transcendental trip in search of the Eternal. Enlightenment is ours!

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