Saturday, 27 November 2010

A postcard from Norway

After several trips to Norway over the past few years, Oslo has become one of our favourite places in the world, so it's been a pleasure to spend most of this week over here enjoying the harsh arctic winds and sub-zero temperatures; barely getting any higher than minus five degrees celsius during the days and plummeting much lower into the evenings. Very nice indeed if you have the right clothing...

This time around we finally got to visit the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy where three ships are displayed. The Oseberg ship is absolutely stunning, dating back to 800AD and built from oak, it's carvings and structure is a wonder to behold. The other ships discovered at burial mounds in Gokstad and Tune are also fascinating, as is the selection of accompanying grave goods on display. Highly recommended

Managed to get away from the city for a while for a trek into the mountains before returning to spend too much money at the highly recommended and very friendly Tiger Records store. Then watched the sun go down over the freezing fjord whilst listening to Supersilent's sublime new album. Quite an experience, I can assure you and a perfect end to a perfect day.

Thanks to all our amazing Norwegian friends old and new. Thanks to drunken nights at the Mono Bar and The Garage and stumbling into Elm Street for that one last beer...

And to finish off a great Scandinavian week, we got to see the new MOOMINS film on it's opening day here in Norway, which was a truly beautifully crafted little film.

Oslo, we will miss you, until next time.

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